Why do cats scratch

Why do cats scratch the furniture? Because they're bored. They like to play with their toys and get comfortable, and furniture is like toys.

The next time your cat is trying to break out of the living room, remember that it's only a game. Take her outside or to the cat tree if you need to get her out of your face for a while. If you really can't let her out, try using a laser pointer. It's not as dangerous as you'd think, especially if your cat can be lured into a specific corner.

If you keep getting scratches on the furniture, try looking around for clues to figure out where your cat wants to go. If she scratches in an area where she doesn't have much going on, she's bored. If it's a space with lots of toys or things she's had before, it could be a territorial mark. If the furniture is still bothering you, call your vet. He'll be able to advise you on how to solve the problem.


If your cat is really naughty, you may find it difficult to motivate her into good behavior. If you have a cat who's constantly trying to dig out a treat, or one who has a favorite toy and doesn't want you to put it down, it's time to get creative.

Here are ten ways to reward your cat:

**1** Take her for a walk. Cats need to move. If you walk her in the morning, she'll be more amenable to going for a walk in the evening.

**2** Let her use a toy or other special item that is only yours. She'll be more motivated to do good things if she knows you can give her things as a reward.

**3** Offer her something delicious to eat. A special treat is a great way to encourage your cat to behave. You can use anything from dry food to fresh liver. If she refuses the treat, don't try to force it on her. Wait until the next mealtime and offer it then.

**4** Take your cat to the veterinarian if she's not feeling well. Cats like going to the vet. Not only will it help them get better, it'll also show them that you care.

**5** Keep the house safe for your cat. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Be sure to keep the doors and windows shut and locked, and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets closed.

**6** Get your cat spayed or neutered. Many cat-friendly veterinarians offer free spaying and neutering services to cats in their care.

**7** Take your cat to the veterinarian if you find a dead animal in the house. Your vet will need to determine the cause of death, and if necessary he may ask you to get rid of any dead animals in your house.

**8** Take your cat to the groomer to get her hair done. It makes her feel good, and if she's clean and she smells nice, she'll be more amenable to good behavior.

**9** Use positive language to talk to your cat. Tell her what she does right and give her praise when she does something she likes.

**10** Give your cat a belly rub. Cats like the feeling of being petted on their bellies.


If you find yourself in the unusual position of having two cats who want to cuddle, don't feel guilty. The best way to handle the situation is to ignore your cat's cuddling requests. If your cat wants to get close to you, she'll do so no matter what you say or do. It's a normal behavior.

Cats like to use humans as a source of heat. If you're cold, your cat might want to lay near you for warmth. If you're really cold, your cat might offer to share her heat with you. That doesn't mean you should allow it. It just means she's thinking of you.

Cats aren't the only pets who enjoy cuddling. Dogs are also great cuddlers. Most dogs won't try to lay their head on your lap if you're in a public place or someone might think you're strange, so don't worry.


It seems that every day there's a new reason for a cat to be overworked. You never know what your cat's dealing with. She might be dealing with a medical problem that's causing her to feel tired, or she could be feeling a bit neglected or overstimulated.

If you notice that your cat is overworked, she's probably already showing some signs of poor health. Overwork will not only stress your cat, but also make her less attractive to other cats in her household. Your cat's immune system will be weakened. She'll be less resistant to disease and she may have trouble keeping up with the rest of the cats.


* Poor eating habits

* Unexplained weight loss

* Lying down more often than usual

* Inability to get up after being sat down

* Unexplained lethargy

* Faint urine or diarrhea

* Abdominal pain

* Difficulty breathing or coughing

A tired cat can make you feel like you're in a tug-of-war between a rock and a hard place. Your cat needs you, but you can't spend all of your time with her, especially if you have other pets. If your cat is too tired, it's going to be very difficult to care for her well. A tired cat may try to get closer to you

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